Why do only 20% of affiliates have an income over 5 000$ per month? How to become one of them?

If you are an affiliate and at least once worked with Health&Beauty vertical, then you are on the right page.
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So, let's start!

As you understood, you are on promo page of ZDOROV advertiser.
At first, a few words about our offers, and then we will pass to the dessert.

We are manufacturers and sell the Propolis Cream against various diseases on the CPA model.

Here is a list of our offers.

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Our partners

We workin 35 countries of the world

Payout from $18

Alright, ZDOROV! Okay with offers, but I don’t work with fake, is your product high-quality?

Our cream is not only high-quality but also healing
(yeah, all advertisers say so, but let’s get this straight).

We produce the Propolis Cream ZDOROV in Russia.We buy raw materials around the whole Russia, and then we prepare ingredients and pour it into jars. Our cream consists of only natural components, and the main component is propolis. Why propolis? Let's pass to the second point.

Long ago medicine proved that propolis is a strong remedy that helps to cure many diseases. Propolis is one of the best antioxidants, a perfect natural filter protecting skin from UV-radiation. It exerts regenerating, antitoxic, anti-edematic effects on skin. If to apply it systematically, it prevents skin from aging and protects skin cells from negative impacts of the environment.

Our company has a client support service. There you can find publicly available records of phone conversations with clients. Apparently, our cream helps everyone in various ways. Some people get improvements in a couple of days, others - in several weeks and months. And most importantly, we don't sell the cream to people who have an allergy to beekeeping products. Business is business, but nothing matters to us more than Business is business, but nothing matters to us more than people's health.

How to earn money with our offers? Why do we stand out? After all, there are so many offers…

As stated earlier, we have 13 offers and work in 35 countries of the world. So, everyone will find what to work with. By the way, we have started call-centres in the Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, German and French languages.
We have a big staff of developers: сopywriters, designers, marketing specialists, analysts. We always monitor the market, develop transit pages and landing pages. We test everything ourselves, and if landing pages are good, we give them to affiliate networks.

Any webmaster can address us through personal managers and ask to make a transit page or a landing page for his source of traffic.
We have all the documents on our cream and elixir, so you can work with our offers through Facebook. There are many top webmasters who make over 50 leads per day through Facebook.

Ok, everything’s clear. Are there more bonuses for webmasters?

Yes, we work to develop our own services and scripts to automate and simplify affiliates' life. We share scripts with our webmasters for free. Here are several existing developments:

Short links service

Every affiliate has to shorten affiliate links through various services such as goo.gl, bit.ly, etc.
But the problem is that people follow these links with suspicion. ZDOROV team has worked out a service which allows to attach the domain and to create unlimited number of subdomains with necessary redirects. For example: a.yoursite.com, b.yoursite.com, green.yoursite.com, etc.

What to do next?

Hey, don’t be shy, write in PM or leave your contacts and we’ll connect with you and offer our best conditions.

Besides, if you work with our competitors’ offers, we’re ready
to give you better conditions.

Contact Sofia Bychkova

Head of CPA department

Skype: sofievit



Contact Maria Yavorskaya


Skype: yavorskayam



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